Residential Power Wasing in St. Louis, MO

Keeping the exterior of your home neat and clean not only elevates your curb appeal and the value of your home but also allows you to enjoy the landscape you worked so hard to build. PRESTIGE POWER WASHING provides detailed, safe, effective, and professional residential power washing services.


Improper power washing that uses the wrong chemicals and water pressure on delicate surfaces can do more damage than good, and many do-it-yourselfers have damaged their home from a lack of knowledge. Using the right equipment, chemicals and techniques remove rot, dirt, mold, old finishes and other debris covering your beautiful exterior without creating further damage. Our residential power washing wood, vinyl, brick, cement, tile, decks and many other surfaces with the exact pressure and chemicals needed so the surfaces are healthily restored and not blasted away.

Keep your landscape looking beautiful with regular power washing that prevents harmful build-up from accumulating over the years. To have your home exterior restored and maintained properly, call Prestige Power washing today.

The detergent we use will eliminate 100 %of the mold and mildew. We put a preventative in it that keeps the mild and mildew from returning for 3-5 years. We do a soft wash, where we let the detergents do all the work rather than blasting the siding. Our power washing includes gutters, soffits, fascia, siding, window frames, shutters and garage doors.

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The Perfect Cleanup Services For Residential Power Washing

Residential power washing is all about a proper cleaning up of your house exterior. You have spent a lot to build up your house in the way you always dreamt of. A dirty and muddy house can fade away all the factors that are there to enhance the beauty of the house. PRESTIGE POWER WASHING offers amazing services to assist you in your house cleaning. Just hire our reliable and trustworthy company and get a proper exterior cleanup package.

Exterior Wall Cleaning

Your house sidings can turn greenish or faded with dirt and algae. You cannot just dust away the dirt because the house is too big for a handwork. PRESTIGE POWER WASHING will make your sidings and brick walls shine as new. The water pressure cleans away all the hidden dirt as well as the visible.

Roof Cleaning

The roof is an area where it is impossible for you to go and clean up as it is quite risky. Leave it to our skilled technicians and our power washer machines that will reach up to the roof to clear it from any kind of paint, rust, mold, dirt, or grime.

Gutter Cleaning

With PRESTIGE POWER WASHING, you can have a cleanup from your walls to your sidewalks. While cleaning your sidewalks, our power washers will also clean your gutters with the hot pressure water in the washer jet. If there is any blockage or clogging in the sewerage, the water pressure will open and repair the drainage line automatically.

Mold Growth Removal

Mold growth is a serious issue with most of the households in the Saint Louis, MO area. PRESTIGE POWER WASHING can also provide you with mold growth removal and prevention. Our technicians will first remove the mold from your roof shingles, sidewalks, and sidings and then spray an enviromentally safe chemical to stop it from growing.

Window Cleaning

Windows can be hard to reach places of your house. You can hurt yourself while trying to clean them by yourself. A residential power washer machine can easily throw water at higher levels in the same pressure. PRESTIGE POWER WASHING will make your windows look like they were just installed.

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