Commercial Window Cleaning in St. Louis, MO

We understand the importance of keeping an image and we also understand that first impressions are lasting ones. Customers remember dirt, grime and cob webs more than you think. Thats where Prestige property services comes in, we will help you formulate a plan to keep your property or properties clean all year long and keep it within your budget. Call us today and find out why so many trust the most reliable service in the southeast.


Simply stated, we treat our customers and our employees like family. That’s our difference. You want timely, reliable service from someone who really cares about your satisfaction and who has pride in their work.

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Some of the benefits of choosing Prestige include:

  • Commercial & Residential Services including Interior & Exterior cleaning
  • Customized cleaning programs
  • Fully licensed, insured professionals
  • A growing reputation
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction

Prestige is in business to stay in business, we want you not only as a customer but a friend and partner in business for the long haul!


It is sometimes claimed by clients & some window cleaners that window cleaning cannot be carried
out in the rain.


“If the windows are properly cleaned, then the rain will simply sheet off the clean glass and the
windows continue to remain clean.”


“The three major things that cause windows to become dirty are : pollen, insect droppings, and dust.
If these are present on the glass when it rains, the residue in the rain attach’s itself to the dirt and often makes the windows look worse.”

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