But this St. Louis weather conspires to create a moldy, grimy mess on every surface possible, from the roof, to the patios, driveways and siding!  And before you know it, that mess becomes a real eyesore that affects your bottom line.

A clean campus outside is the first indication of a clean, sanitary inside. Prestige power washing would love to come out and give you a free quote to clean and pressure wash your concrete.

We understand the importance of keeping an image and we also understand that first impressions are lasting ones. Customers remember dirt, grime and cob webs more than you think. Thats where Prestige property services comes in, we will help you formulate a plan to keep your property or properties clean all year long and keep it within your budget.

Your business growth and reputation in Ballwin MO highly depends on the way you have settled and maintained your commercial area. A clean and well-maintained property will grab the attention of more clients to enter in your office and crack new deals.

Buildings, like anything else, get dirty and require maintenance and cleaning. In most cases, the building is your investment not the business inside it. Commercial property can bring in revenue for decades but only if it is well kept and maintained.

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