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Does your roof look like this ?

Safe Low Pressure Chemical Roof Cleaning

Save your money, avoid the costs of replacing a perfectly good roof!

We can make it look like this !

Don’t let UGLY roof stains ruin the look and property value of your home. No need to prematurely re-roof when your roof can look like new for a fraction of the replacement costs. A simple call to Prestige Roof Cleaning will do the trick. You wouldn’t replace your siding just because it needed cleaning! You wouldn’t replace your car because it only needed a bath! Nor would you replace your patio or walkway’s or decks and porches simply because they got dirty !

With a phone call your problems will magically disappear just like the stains on your roof. Prestige Roof Cleaning of St. Louis is a simple call away. Call 314-580-9274

Why should I clean my roof??

  1. Aesthetics. Keep your house beautiful
  2. Roof longevity. Get the most life out of your roof.
  3. Health. Mold causes allergies
  4. Value. Protect your investment.
  5. Energy costs. A stained roof = higher energy bills.

Some commonly asked questions about Roof Cleaning

What Are Those Stains On My Roof?

Most likely it is an airborne algae called GLOEOCAPSAMAGMA. The algae is feeding on the filler of the asphalt shingles. The plant life flourishes with heat and moisture and feeds on the limestone filler that holds the shingle together. Over time this will cause premature deterioration of the shingle and dramatically shorten its life span.Does this algae harm my roof?

Yes, the algae grows therefore holding moisture and reducing the effectiveness of your shingles’ ability to reflect heat thus causing higher power bills in the summer and in the winter as well, cleaning the roof can lower your power bill as much as 20%.

Do you use a pressure washer?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! We use a separate set of pumps, hoses, chemicals and other equipment. Our chemical solutions are mixed each day to meet your specific needs and we go the extra mile to insure that this is done properly to the roof manufacturer’s recommended standards so as not to void your shingle warranty.

Do You Offer A Warranty?

Yes, if you have the whole roof cleaned by

Prestige using our safe non pressure process. If we clean your roof and the same stains return within 2 years we will come and clean your roof at zero cost to you. If the stains return so do we! Plus we offer annual maintenance treatments. This will keep your roof clean of those ugly black stains!

Algae Danger Zones

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If you live in the areas shaded in green you may want to do your self a favor and go out side and inspect the look of your roof  and home. Don’t let those unsightly stains ruin the integrity of you most valuable investment.It is important that you act now and get this problem taken care of before it causes more problems than most are willing to or can afford to pay for!

Call us today, no matter the size, no matter the height or how steep your roof is, Prestige Roof Cleaning can safely clean your home or business, tile, shingle or rubber roof.

Our average roof cleaning prices.

Shingle Roofs 1000 to 1999 square feet $299.00

Shingle Roofs 2000 to 2499 square feet $349.00

Shingle Roofs 2500 to 2999 square feet $399.00

Shingle Roofs 3000 to 3499 square feet $449.00

Shingle Roofs 3500 to 3749 square feet $499.00

Shingle Roofs 3750 to 4000 Square feet $549.00