surfacecleaningKeeping the exterior of your home neat and clean not only elevates your curb appeal and the value of your home, but also allows you to enjoy the landscape you work so hard to build.  Prestige Power Washing provides detailed, professional, St. Louis residential power washing services to safely and effectively clean outdoor areas around your home and restore a like-new shine.

Improper power washing that uses the wrong chemicals and water pressure on delicate surfaces can do more damage than good, and many do-it-yourselfers have damaged their home from a lack of knowledge.  Using the right equipment, chemicals and techniques removes rot, dirt, mold, old finishes and other debris covering your beautiful exterior without creating further damage.  We clean wood, vinyl, brick, cement, tile, decks and many other surfaces with the exact pressure and chemicals needed so the surfaces are healthily restored and not blasted away.

Keep your landscape looking beautiful with regular power washing that prevents harmful build-up from accumulating over the years.  To have your home exterior restored and maintained properly, call Prestige Power Washing today.